Saturday, March 28, 2015

Freedom and a Future for Annie

Annie is a 20 year old girl from Kenya who is stuck in Lebanon. Her single mother died in an accident a few years ago, and she has been looked after by her older brother. Surviving on his jobs as a carpenter and a driver, they could only sometimes afford the tuition for Annie to study Engineering at the university in Nairobi. So when a recruiter told her she could make the needed money in Lebanon, she thought it was a godsend, and bravely traveled alone. When she arrived, her employers, a university professor and an event planner, forced her to work 19 hours a day, 7 days a week, without enough food, and refused to ever pay her after the first month. Annie has the legal right to return home within the first 3 months, but the family broke the contract by making her clean 3 houses, denying her food, accommodation and time off, and refused to let her leave when she chose to, 2 weeks in. When she asked to be paid, she was slapped and kicked and her life was threatened.

Read Annie's full story here and support her to a better, happier, faster future on this link.

All thanks to Anke.

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