Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lebanon Activists Summoned over Migrant Worker Row

Yes it is illegal. But if General Security does it, it doesn't really matter. A great illustration of the country's biggest bullies in action.


Beirut: Daily Star

 Lebanon’s General Security Monday interrogated an activist who campaigns against the deportation of the children of migrant workers, while a second received a summons to appear for questioning Tuesday.

“This morning, a General Security unit arrived at our office asking for Chantale Hrairy,” Charles Nasrallah, president of Insan Association, told The Daily Star.

“When they met her, they asked her to come with them to the General Security office. She was surprised, saying her responsibilities were limited to administrative tasks and that she had nothing to do with the cases.”

A General Security spokesperson confirmed to The Daily Star that the woman had been questioned and released Monday. He did not reveal details of the case.

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