Monday, April 27, 2015

Stop the death of people in the Mediterranean

The tragic fate of more than 700 in the “worst-ever” migrant shipwreck off Libya is indeed very disturbing. It truly sends a chilling message to all of us, especially to the international community, to take a deeper look into the lives of migrant people in almost perpetual crisis. It also reminds us, again and again, of the dangers and sacrifices that migrant people had to endure in their unceasing quest and journey towards a better life.

Thousands have already died trying to cross the Mediterranean sea, sadly European states are in deaf ears and ignoring their situation. They are human beings, women ,men and even children.

Displaced by the raging political conflicts between two armed groups wrestling for power and territory in Libya and herded by criminal gangs of migrant smugglers, around 950 including 200 women and 50 children, as attested by a Bangladeshi survivor, had to take the perilous trip only to be drowned in the Mediterranean sea. Having been in several countries in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa bereft of food, security and freedom, these migrant people had no other way but to seek asylum, work and home in Europe.

We are one with the families of migrant people who risked and lost their lives. We are one with the survivors who are holding on to their faith and dream of peace and quiet in Europe. We resonate with various organizations that call for the primacy of humanity over politics; that demand for continuing search and rescue operations to save more precious lives; that persevere in seeking the attention of the international community to stem the tide of smuggling trips. We, too, believe that Europe cannot remain callous to the many incidents of deaths in the Mediterranean sea.

We also commiserate with the words of Pope Francis that, oftentimes, the victims of these sea mishaps are the “starving, persecuted, wounded, exploited people and victims of war” whose only dream is a better life for their families. We pray that such horrendous incident will not be repeated. We hope for greater humanitarian support and far wider protection of the rights and welfare of migrant people. We fervently wish more organizations, institutions and individuals could come together and find ways and means to comprehensively address the crisis of migration.

We urge everyone to unite and in solidarity with those people wanting to cross the Mediterranean and escape their inhumane situations and live as decent human beings.

SAVE LIVES NOW! Stop the death in the Mediterranean !

Kanlungan Center Foundation

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