Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rahel's First Ethiopian Lunch at t-marbouta

Join Rahel on Thursday, October 1st for her first event in Hamra. I will be serving Ethiopian food at t-marbouta, who have kindly supported her in providing their space and help for this day.

The Menu will include:
1. Minchet abish (minced beef)
2. Doro wet (chicken stew)
3. Shiro wat (close to Hummus)
4. Azifa (lentils with a mix of olive oil and ginger with tomato and onion)
5. Alitcha Aterkik (green beans)

Of course, all will be offered with the famous, yummy injera bread!

Price per person is 20,000LL and includes the above formula. All proceeds will go to the chef and to supporting future Migrant Community Center activities. Hope that you all invite your friends and come enjoy the meal with us!

Event link!