Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ethiopian Lunch with Rahel at ة t-marbouta

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Join me on Tuesday, January 19th, starting 12pm for another Ethiopian lunch event at ة t-marbouta in Hamra. The event will end once the food runs out!

The Menu will include:
1. Minchet abish (minced beef: turmeric, onion, fresh ginger, rosemary)
2. Doro wet (chicken stew: fresh ginger, onion, garlic, oregano, Ethiopian special pepper, oil, hard-boiled eggs)
3. Azifa soup (lentils with a mix of olive oil and ginger with tomatoes and onion)
4. Salad (tomatoes, lemon, iceberg, olive oil)
5. Carrot cake

The Vegetarian menu will include:
1. Dinich wat (potato stew)
2. Ater kik (yellow beans)
3. Misir wat (red lentils + Ethiopian spices)
4. Salad (tomatoes, lemon, iceberg, olive oil)
5. Carrot cake

Everything will be offered with the injera bread. Price per person is $12 and includes either of the above formulas. Proceeds will go to the chef. Hope that you all invite your friends and come enjoy the meal with us!

Please try your best to arrive early before the food runs out! Take-away option also available. In all cases, you can also call on 01 350 274 to double-check there is still food available before arriving:)

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