Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Migrant Community Center opens in Sidon

DailyStar - Mat Nashed

SIDON, Lebanon: In an ambience of solidarity, dozens of people gathered to commence the opening of the Migrant Community Center’s branch in Sidon. Several attended from Beirut while others made their way from villages south of the city. The day was a celebration of a community that has supported each other against all odds. “We have doubled our membership at the MCC with over 265 people,” Gemma, a Filipino activist with the MCC, told The Daily Star at the opening Sunday. “Migrant workers need a place that they can really call home. They want a place that is really their own.”

Despite the resources the center offers, its significance is much greater than the services it provides. The MCC embodies a community that celebrates diversity and challenges prejudice, which are the fundamental attributes for why it has continued to grow.

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