Thursday, March 31, 2016

Nepali Woman Left in Lurch in Lebanon


March 24: Sabitri Sunar, 27, who went to Lebanon as a domestic worker has been left high and dry after she was fired by her employer. Sunar, who promised her mother Shreemaya to take care of her during old age, is herself in trouble.

"Please, help my daughter return home. My daughter is under a painful condition there after they forced her to leave her job," said Shreemaya.

Shreemaya informed that her daughter was deprived of food and wasn't paid for the last four months. Furthermore, she was abused and beaten by the employer as well. After she was kicked out, she had nowhere else to go. At the moment, she is taking shelter with a Philippine woman.

Shreemaya further added that her daughter calls her crying and tells her that she wants to come back home. She said that she had means to manage expenses to bring her back. Sabitri is the only one to look after ageing Shreemaya after her elder son died in Pakistan.

Sabitri was sent to Lebanon as a migrant worker through the help of Ishwor Lama of Fulbari village. Shreemaya complained that when she visited Lama and asked him to bring her daughter home Lama replied angrily, "Do you expect me to go to Lebanon just to bring your daughter home?"

Sabitri's husband Dev Sunar informed how his wife promised to earn money and pay loan of the family. "She promised to pay loan and take care of us but now she calls me crying and complains she wants to come home," said Dev Sunar. "Being kicked out by her employer, my wife has nowhere else to go. She cannot work legally in any other place either. This makes me very worried about her," he added.

One of the young locals of the village, Raj Kumar KC, informed that many brokers in the area promise foreign employment to young women and send them away. He added that lack of awareness among young girls is the reason for women to face such dire situation.

He added that the agents tempt the girls with dreams for better life and employment opportunities to send them for foreign employment. "Those young women end up with tough jobs and very less salary."

Locals informed that Bandevi Cooperative sends young women to different countires. Rameshwar Chaudhari of Pabera-9 said that they charge Rs 15,000 cash to prepare documents and send young girls abroad. Many young men and women are sent to foreign countries and are left unemployed there.

Ichhya Chaudhari, a member of the Bandevi Cooperative, admitted that she gave Rs 15,000 to Lal Bahadur Sunar, member of Dang Foreign Employment Agency to send young people out of the country. She added that she wasn't aware of people going to foreign countries free of cost.

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