Saturday, March 5, 2016

Panel Discussion on Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon

On the occasion of international women's day, the Intersectional Feminist Club at the Lebanese American University, and in collaboration with the Social Work Club, invites you to a panel discussion on the conditions of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon. 

The discussion will start at 6 PM in LAU, room AKBB 903 in the Business Building.

Speakers on the panel:

GEMMA JUSTO: Gemma Justo is a migrant worker from the Philippines. She has been living and working in Lebanon since 1993, when she came to work as a domestic worker. She is a Filipina community leader and human rights activist. She is a founding member of the Domestic Workers’ Union in Lebanon, and is currently serving as the union's General Secretary. She has worked with the Philippine Embassy in Lebanon as a Filipino Community Mobilizer. She has also previously volunteered with many NGOs in Lebanon, including KAFA, Insan Association, Caritas Lebanon Migrant Center, as well as the Anti-Racism Movement.

RAHEL ZEGEYE: Rahel Zegeye is a migrant worker from Ethiopia, and has been working as a domestic worker in Lebanon for more than 16 years. She is very active on different issues related to the situation of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon. She has been running community support meetings for migrant workers from Ethiopia. She is also a film-maker and playwright; she has written and produced several movies and plays on the situation of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon, writing the scripts at night and filming the scenes on her days off on Sundays.

RAMY SHUKR: Ramy is the general coordinator of the Migrant Community Center (MCC) at Anti-Racism Movement (ARM). ARM is a grassroots movement created by young activists in Lebanon in collaboration with migrant community leaders. ARM works on documenting, investigating, exposing and fighting racism in Lebanon, through various initiatives and campaigns. MCC is a free and safe community space for migrant workers where they can meet, learn skills, work together, and access information and support.

ROSE MAHI: Rose Mahi is a migrant worker from Cameroon who has been in Lebanon since 1999. She has worked as a domestic worker, and is one of the founding members of the Union of Domestic Workers in Lebanon. She serves as the chair-person of the Africa United Community (AUC) in Lebanon, and is a community leader for migrant workers from Cameroon.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Please bring your university IDs or regular ID cards with you for security purposes.

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