Migrant Community Center-
MCC serves as a place, for migrant communities in Lebanon to meet, organise, do events, celebrations, discussions, talks, follow up on cases, etc… It is a hub for their activities and planning.

Migrant Celebrations-
Sick and tired of only celebrating France and Italy in Lebanon? Here is you chance to celebrate other invisible rich and beautiful cultures in Lebanon. Music, Food, Traditions, Languages and much more.

Monitoring and Documenting Racism-
Your ears grow numb to people saying there is no racism in this country and it is all a myth or an exaggeration by a few angry Lebanese? Ok. Prove them wrong and document reality. Send any story you have heard of or scene you have witnessed.

Handling Cases of Domestic Worker Abuse-
Anyone living in Lebanon and knowing of a case where a domestic worker is being abused and/or not paid, knows of a case of death or ill conditions in agencies or at workplaces, etc... Please email us to share this info so we can know of this and work on the cases accordingly, where intervention is possible

Enhance use of new media and video to influence public opinion and expand awareness

The 'Unknown' Migrant Domestic Worker Statue-

Discussions and Debates on Racism-
For anyone who can suggest or link us up with a school or university or group of people who are interested in discussing racism or the conditions of domestic workers in Lebanon, we would be very happy to facilitate this.

Exposing, shaming and blaming places with racist policies

And more. Any suggestions? Or would you like to join the team?