Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Nari's Anniversary

Join Nari's 2nd year anniversary celebration this Sunday at Sabtieh.
All details on their event link:)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Can the daily star quit saying using the term maids in all their articles?

Here, again.

Lebanon unions denounce labor minister's 'backwards' maid protection proposal

Beirut: Activists Protest Visa Restrictions on Syrian Refugees

Al-Akhbar English

In addition to the visa policy, the organizers spoke out against the abusive treatment and racism Syrian refugees suffer in Lebanon due to the Lebanese government’s haphazard policies and the lack of protection provided for the refugees.

“They are attacked by people on the streets, they hit them, and insult them, they even on occasion go to the camps and destroy their tents. The government rather than protecting them has contributed to this abusive behavior,” said Dagher, referring to the crackdowns on refugee camps and curfews imposed by various municipalities that prevents Syrians from leaving their homes after a set time.

Dagher described these measures as “not only disgraceful for the Lebanese government but the Lebanese people as well.”

قزي: القوانين الحديثة هي الضمان للعاملين في الخدمة المنزلية

صدر عن وزارة العمل البيان الآتي: "تحاول جهات غير رسمية لا صفة لها منذ أسابيع، إنشاء نقابة للعاملين والعاملات الاجانب في الخدمة المنزلية في لبنان.

Domestic Worker's Union In Lebanon - founding Committee

Follow news of the union and all future efforts on their fb page, here.

Our twist on IMPACT BBDO and Pikasso's xenophobic ad campaign - part 4

The bottom line...