Saturday, July 9, 2016

Position Announcement: Coordinator of the Migrant Community Center - Beirut

The Anti-Racism Movement (ARM) is a grassroots movement created by young activists in Lebanon in collaboration with migrant community leaders. Together we work on documenting, investigating, exposing and fighting racism in Lebanon, through various initiatives and campaigns. Our current efforts are mainly targeted towards discriminatory and exploitative practices, against migrant workers specifically.

Opening and running the Migrant Community Centers (MCCs) is currently ARM’s largest project. Established in Beirut in 2011, and in Saida in 2016 (as well as a third location to be determined in the coming months), the MCCs’ goal is to improve the quality of life of migrant workers (especially domestic workers) and, increasingly, their capacity to self-advocate. The MCCs are free and safe spaces tailored to and evolving according to users’ needs, where they can meet, learn skills, work together and access information and support. They are also a means to expose their largely ignored communities and cultures to the Lebanese public, mainly though public events and cultural activities. MCC has been providing free language and computer classes since its launch, as well as other classes, activities, workshops, events, field trips, and access to information, resources and assistance. It is also a place to launch initiatives from, a space to have celebrations and get-togethers, and a casual space for migrant workers to spend time with each other.

We are currently recruiting a part-time “Coordinator of the Migrant Community Center - Beirut” for the center in Gemmayze.

The MCCB Coordinator would be in charge of:

I. Center Management

With the help of part-time Assistant Coordinators, the center Coordinator is expected to fulfill the following duties:

· Coordinating the use of the space (between meetings, classes, room bookings, conferences, etc.)

· Making sure MCC is tidy, organized, well-stocked, fully-functional, safe, and adapted to changing needs.

· Reporting on problems and faulty equipment to management, and taking initiative to quickly solve problems in cost-effective and transparent ways.

· Liaising with all service providers (internet, electricity, etc.). Handling all related payments and paperwork.

· Keeping all information up-to-date (calendar, posters, displayed brochures, etc.)

· Overseeing and supporting the efforts/tasks of MCC part-time staff (individual meetings, task delegation and follow-up, etc.)

· Attending weekly MCC staff meetings.

· Collaborating efficiently with the MCC Beirut co-coordinator and ARM staff.

· Overseeing volunteer recruitment, management, communication, and meetings.

· Regularly reporting on activities to program director.

II. Membership and Outreach
· Liaising between different community leaders and members.

· Organizing and leading the weekly MCC members’ meetings.

· Handling communications with members and community leaders (posters, WhatsApp & Facebook groups, etc.)

· Overseeing MCC outreach efforts.

· Overseeing case management and documentation.

III. Activities and Initiatives
Coordinating different initiatives and needs (including those proposed by MCC members), identifying emerging needs and opportunities.
Organizing and managing the execution of regular events: yearly celebrations, monthly market, day-trips, monthly information sessions, and other events suggested by members. Promoting the events through facebook events, one-on-one communications (SMS, phone calls, in person...), making basic flyers/posters to distribute, etc.
Coming up with new activity ideas, researching, proposing, and executing them with management’s support and approval.

IV. Public Relations
· Representing MCC.

· Maintaining good relationships with the neighborhood, the landlord, service providers, etc.

· Handling and/or referring media & interview requests.

· Handling Facebook page, Facebook group, and MCC email.

· Overseeing media campaigns.

Work Schedule:
· Approximately 38 hours per week, centered around afternoons and weekends.

· 5 working days a week, including Saturday and Sunday.

· Wednesday and Thursday are off.

Remuneration & Benefits:
· Net monthly salary between $1150-$1300, depending on qualifications

· Transportation costs outside workplace are covered.

Duration of contract:
Six months renewable contract, including a two-month initial trial period.

· University degree or equivalent

· Proficient in 3 languages: English (spoken-read-written), Arabic (spoken-read-written), French (spoken)

· Excellent at using excel spreadsheets and other basic applications

· Personal qualities: friendly, outgoing, people-oriented, confident, resourceful, responsible, takes initiative, very organized, patient, tolerant, cares about racism and social justice

· Ability to work in a demanding and rapidly-changing environment

· Basic knowledge of migrant workers’ issues is preferable

· Experience in language class management/English teaching is desirable

Interested candidates should send their resume and cover letter to before Monday August 1st, 2016


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