About Us

Who we are:

ARM is a grassroots movement created by young activists in Lebanon, in collaboration with migrant community leaders. Together we work on documenting, investigating, exposing and fighting racist practices in Lebanon, through various initiatives and campaigns.

Our current efforts are mainly targeted towards racism (and other discriminatory and exploitative practices) against migrant workers, specifically. There are around 250,000 migrant workers in Lebanon. For the most part, they are suffering from discriminatory labour laws and practices, such as the sponsorship system, the exclusion of domestic work from labour laws, the lack of monitoring and accountability in recruitment agencies, arbitrary detention, and discriminatory policies imposed in restaurants, banks, airlines, public transportation, tourist resorts and more.

Our Goal:

To make meaningful improvements in:
-        the lives of individual migrant workers in Lebanon
-        the institutions that perpetuate racist and exploitative practices (government, legal structure, ministries, agencies...)
-        the racist mentalities that prevail in Lebanon

We work on this through:
-        policy change
-        shifting mentalities and attitudes
-        direct assistance

-        Issues involving elements of racism and related forms of discrimination (classism, sexism, etc)
-        People mostly from Asian and African origin, in Lebanon

Our work:

I.               Awareness Raising and Education (social aspect)
-        Video campaigns
-        Blog and facebook page, including testimonials and stories from the field
-        Direct actions, protests, etc.
-        Activities with schools, universities, centers, etc.
à To help change the prevailing mentality

II.              Promoting Cultural Presence/Community (cultural aspect)
-        Migrant Communities Center (MCC)
-        Daycare Center
-        Celebrating culture:
o   Events and celebrations (parades, music, food, etc)
o   Libumu nights
o   Celebrating various holidays (Ethiopian New Year...)
à To help create strong social networks, AND to expose more people to these significant but largely ignored communities in Lebanon

III.            Direct Assistance (social work)
-        Cases of abuse, mistreatment…
-        Fundraising – on exceptional basis (for specific beneficiaries, like prisoners in Tripoli)
à To assist individual victims

IV.            Fighting the sponsorship system and other institutionalized injustice (Legal/policy/structural aspect)
-        Speaking up against the sponsorship system and the single unified contract
-        Working on enforcing the bans
-        Direct actions, protests, etc.
à To help prevent abusive practices

Our structure:
Free moving, no hierarchy, various ideas and motivations, people lead or volunteer on anything they can/want, anyone can join or leave ARM at any time.

For more information about the Anti-Racism Movement:
Facebook pages: 
Twitter: @ARM_Leb
Location: Migrant Community Center: Shaftari bldg, 3nd floor, Boutros Dagher Street, Gemmayze (first right after La Tabkha, then first left, closed street), Beirut
To contact us:
Email: antiracismlb@gmail.com
Phone Line (available at MCC opening hours): 01-446593