The Migrant Community Center

MCC is a place where migrant workers can come to meet, organize, discuss issues and hold celebrations. Those who gather at the MCC are free to communicate and to work on cases that involve abuses that have been inflicted on migrant workers, such as, physical abuse, non-payment of wages and workers who have been detained by the government.

It is an important space where migrant workers can network and cooperate with each other and other migrant communities around the world.
The official opening day for the house was on September 11, 2011. Through their work at the MCC, community leaders are not only been able to assist not only people from Nepal but people from many other countries and cultures as well.

MCC hosts different activities such as English, computer and self defense classes. The space will be a base to start different forms of activities and workshops out of which the latter are just a few.

You can visit the MCC everyday between 4 and 8 pm or on Saturdays and Sundays between 10 am and 10 pm.

You can write to the coordinator of the MCC using this email: